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Tuesday 7th of November 2017
IMD, Lausanne (Switzerland)

The FHH (Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie) Forum was conducted this year for the ninth time and once again, the event was full of interesting interventions!
The main theme was the « Age of Meaning » and the panel of experts was Brilliant! Different industries were represented with a large variety of expertises not directly linked to our Watchmaking world.

After some warm welcome speeches of Mme. Fabienne Lupo (Chairwoman and Managing Director of the FHH) / Mr. Jean-François Manzoni (IMD President) and a video of Mr. Franco Cologni (FHH Cultural Council Chairman), the first session started with Mr. Bill Emmott, International Author.



Mr. Bill Emmott was the editor-in-chief of The Economist for 13 years and recently published The Fate of the West: Battle to Save the World’s most successful Political Idea. In a period of worldwide Political challenges, uncertainties, inequalities, Mr Emmott is an optimistic person who strongly believe that Democracy with a capital « D » is the answer.


Afterwards Mr. Arturo Bris (Global Competitiveness Expert) talked about his researches on the relations between income inequality, social mobility and competitiveness. His speech is a must if you’re into Economy! Not only Mr. Bris studies Competitiveness on a worldwide scale but he showed us how difficult it is to predict the future in an environnement where inequalities are growing.


The intervention of Mr. André Comte-Sponville (Philosopher) was Stunning! I was amazed by how Mr. Comte-Sponville defines words or rather gives a meaning to them. « Fidelity to our values is the only antidote… » The speech was pretty optimistic even tho it was more about «definitions/thoughts » than a personal positioning. In fact, that’s what i find amazing with Philosophers, there is no right or wrong.


Mr. Patrick Chappatte (Editorial Cartoonist) does a job that requires the talent to transmit a meaning with a pen. He shared his vision on Geopolitical issues, inequalities and our society with more derision than humor (at least in my point of view).


Mme. Karin Jestin (Philanthropy Advisor) is an expert in the donation field, specially for good causes. Her main message was : « Money can make people Happy, specially if you’re giving it ! » Of course, she developed the subject in a deeper level and shared her thoughts on how Fondations should sometimes rethink their strategy.


Then came Mr. Tim Leberecht (Business Romantic). His intervention was based on four principles : Do the unnecessary, Create intimacy, Embrace the ugliness and suffer a little bit. Certainly original and full of goodwill but i wasn’t captivated by the demonstration. I couldn't get how the word « Romantic » fits in this concept... but like the idea that we must all care about small details.


The work of Mr. Frédéric Kaplan (Digital Humanities Researcher) and his team is amazing! I already had the pleasure to enjoy an archive project realization at Vacheron Constantin’s Museum. His department basically scans as much information as possible (archives) and build a platform. It could be a Pc program or a Virtual Reality world. From algorithms analyzing handwritten documents to virtual city maps, the connections are endless and that’s a perfect example on how digital means can help (and give a meaning) to Human History.


Mr. Claude Barras (Filmmaker) ended the morning with a speech about his animation movie « Ma Vie de Courgette ». More then the meaning that Mr. Barras gave of the original book of Gilles Paris « Autobiographie d’une courgette », i was impressed by the amount of work required for an animated movie. They used many puppets and filmed every gesture (second by second) in a changing environnement! Wow.

A Big Congratulations to the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie for this Wonderful 9th Forum!
I highly recommend you to watch the videos provided by the FHH.