During Baselworld 2018, REBELLION launched the T2M!
An impressive « Engine » with 2 month of power reserve.

The T2M is actually the fusion of 2 Rebellion timepieces, the T-1000 & the Prometheus (which by the way, are my two favourites). Some modifications were made in the movement to reach 1’400 hours (or 2 month) of power reserve. In fact, the REB T2M calibre has an additional 400 hours of energy compared to the « original » Prometheus calibre so Yes with Rebellion we are in the field of « more is more! »

Its design looks definitely more complete! In particular the upper front section. The two barrels (at 11 and 1 o’clock) perfectly go with the central Hour & Minutes cylinders giving a nice balance to the overall creation or « upgrade »

Most of the brand’s complicated timepieces are pretty big and this one in no exception. Nevertheless, thanks to its titanium case, the T2M is light and comfortable on the wrist.

The T2M reflects the love of Rebellion for the racing car industry and it makes me quite happy to see once again their own approach on a wrist object.

Well done! REBELLION.

Limited edition 10 pieces


Calibre REB T2M
Manual winding
Power reserve: 58 days
Frequency: 4 Hz
Jewels: 47
Components: 420

Dimension : 58,75 x 53,10 mm
Material: Titanium
Water resistance : 10 meters