Triple Axis Tourbillon

Inspired by sailing boats, this amazing watch recalls the pure, athletic and sleek shape of a catamaran, while the pure hand-made sapphire tube provides a luminous setting for a unique and exclusive flying triple axis tourbillon. Much like in the production of...

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Luna Nera

LUNA NERA is the result of Eric Coudray’s imagination, Master watchmaker renowned and genius of the brand identity. He signs a superb achievement by combining the typical technology of vertical capstan wheels, fusée-and-chain, with a sumptuous moon...

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TourbillonapCabestan, Luna Nera

Watchmaking and geometry have always worked together. The cases of timepieces can be round, square or rectangular. Cabestan, defying the conventions in a line of its own, offers a geometric alternative: the trapeze. Whatever the viewing angle, the shape of a trapezoid...

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