The taut curves and refined lines construct an identity that is stylish, elegant and modern: the language of Cartier is thus perfectly articulated.

Instinct, independence, elegance, these are the qualities of the Drive man; an attitude and a mindset that are not just about existing, but about knowing how to live.
This is a man who cannot be categorised, who seems natural on first impressions, but is more sophisticated than he initially appears. His true talent is an aptitude for style and freedom.
He appreciates the good things in life for himself and the pleasure they bring him. His watch is worn as a reflection of the man, rather than for status, the same applies to his passions which he steers, as he would his car, appreciating the beauty of the skills involved. People say he’s a connoisseur, sensitive to the precision of a fold, an exact shade of patina or a meticulously turned cuff or lapel. These are the details that make the difference for him.
Was it the balance between the dimensions of the case and the taut linear design that initially caught his eye in the Drive de Cartier watch?
Certainly the mark of this stylish timepiece’s character is cultivated in its cushion-shaped case. The Drive de Cartier watch is the watch of a man of passion and continues the long standing tradition of Cartier watches with distinctive shapes.

the Drive de Cartier Flying Tourbillon watch, a Fine Watchmaking timepiece fitted with the mechanical movement with manual winding, calibre 9452 MC. Certified "Poinçon de Genève", this watch is assembled and set in the Cartier Fine Watchmaking "Poinçon de Genève" workshops, situated on the first floor of the Cartier Boutique at 35, Rue du Rhône in the heart of Geneva. What has been achieved here is a watch created in accordance with the most prestigious of all watchmaking certifications, testifying to Cartier’s excellence in Fine Watchmaking.