2019 marks the entry of De Bethune into Sports watches and this time, we’re talking about a Diver model

The new calibre DB2080 has a « Wow » feature : A Lighting system. Thanks to a dynamo mechanism (charged by the crown at 12 o’clock) plus a pusher button at 6 o’clock (side case), a light source will appear over the dial for few seconds.

As usual with the brand, the concept is well thought and makes sense. When you are underwater, you’re going to need visibility to read information. Ok, there is this white luminescent material on the tips of the hour & minutes hands but let’s say that personally, i will more count on the lighting system.

Now, i’m not a diver so i would love to know if you think that the dynamo could easily be charged under water using the crown?
I’ve seen the prototype working and the result is pretty nice.

A power reserve indicator is located between 10 and 11 o’clock. The indication is only linked to the time mechanism and very useful as the watch carries a manual winding calibre.

Another superb feature is the sapphire crystal which is driven by the unidirectional bezel! A nice take on the most important part or tool of a diving watch.

Last, the DB28GS Grand Bleu is mostly produced in Titanium grade 5. A very light and resistant material.

I find it very « niche » and a little bit thick on my wrist. On the other hand, i can see and understand why this would please a certain type of collector so yes, definitely worth the look.

Description :

Calibre DB2080
Manual winding
Power reserve: 5 days
Frequency: 28’800 vph
Jewels: 51
Components: 400


Diameter : 44,00 mm

Material: Titanium + Black Zirconium
Water resistance : 100 meters