At Baselworld 2017, FABERGÉ launched (once again) a Wonderful creation! and this time, we are talking : Chronograph.

After the huge success of the Visionnaire DTZ (GPHG 2016 Travel Time Prize), we were surprised to review a new FABERGÉ complication (so soon). It seems that the brand has a lot of projects in the pipeline… Wow!

They’re (of course) keeping the signature of the Visionnaire collection with its central « Complication » and thus introducing a stunning Chronograph! Knowing that a chronograph needs a lot of components, we like the fact that they integrated it in the center of the timepiece (keeping the DNA of the collection). Remarkable!

Aesthetically, the different levels of the Chronograph dial is 100% pleasure. We can only recommend you to go see it at a FABERGÉ boutique or enjoy live pictures like ours.

The open back clearly shows the beauty & complexity of the calibre 6361 (AgenGraph) and as mechanical lovers, we couldn’t be more happy!

We love the dynamic and vision of FABERGÉ timepieces! It’s quite hard the make « it » right in the Watchmaking industry (specially when you’re young in the segment) and here you have somehow a winning recipe.

Congratulations! FABERGÉ.


Calibre 6361
Self winding
Power reserve: 60 hours
Frequency : 21’600 vph
Jewels: 67
Components: 477

Diameter : 43.00 mm
Material: Ceramic
Water resistance : 50 meters