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The INVENTION PIECE 3 is probably my favourite GREUBEL FORSEY timepiece. But Why ?

First, it’s a Masterpiece of design. The way that all these circles overlap each other keeping a clear time reading is Stunning!
Two arrows: the big red for the hour and the blue one for the minutes. The third one (the little red) being the power reserve indication.

The hour disc has a 24 hour display and a true logic in terms of dial location. First your eyes are looking for the hour information and then the minutes which is just below. I love the transparent part above the tourbillon, it lets you know that the « Star of the show » is fully present making a revolution in 24 seconds. Personally, i wasn’t really focus on the text at the first look… I just was fascinated by the aesthetic of the INVENTION PIECE 3.

I love the shape of its case. Original and Classic at the same time! It feels good to see a brand trying to find the right balance between Contemporary & Classicism. The exercise is very complicated!

A seconds hand is at 5.30 showing you (with the tourbillon) that the timepiece is alive and the back has a wonderful message from Robert Greubel & Stephen Forsey, in french. Another orignal approach! Who thought that we would read a message on a timepiece ?

Wonderful, Bravo! GREUBEL FORSEY.

Limited Edition 11 pieces


Calibre GF 01n
Manual winding
Power reserve: 72 hours
Frequency: 21’600 vph
Jewels : 42
Components: 370

Diameter: 43,50mm
Material: Platinum
Water resistance : 30 meters