W4watch : What’s your main 2018 novelty?

Jean-Daniel Dubois : This year we introduced a new Tourbillon, it is an automatic caliber with a micro-rotor. The tourbillon is at seven o'clock and the movement is very thin. It is the first micro-rotor tourbillon available on the B to B market.

Can you describe your business in the Watchmaking industry?

We produce watch movements/calibers. They’re mechanical and high-end. Produced at a certain price for a specific segment, we are able to manufacture 98% of our movements thanks to our sister companies (Atokalpa, Elwin). We can also produce a complete watch with two additional partners (Quadrance and Les Artisans Boîtiers). Vaucher Manufacture offers a large range of calibers from lady movements (smaller) to high complications. 

How do you approach new developments in a mandate?

We work for many different brands but the goal is always the same : To make sure that the end customer is satisfied. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a small, large series or unique piece. The approach is the same. 

How do you see the current market?

For us, it is stable (in particular with our main clients). A long-term strategy is in place. Regarding the private label in which small quantities are produced, there are more fluctuations.

Tell us more about “Innovation” in your field?

We produce objects which give emotions. Today, a watch is no longer an object that gives time but a creation that provides emotions. As a result, there are more animations, original or specific indications, decorations, etc... In short, the expectations of end customers are different and very high. So, yes we are pushed to create great innovations! Nevertheless they must be reliable. The end consumer expects a reliable product and it is our main challenge. Reliability is very important to us! We must be able to produce our innovations in multiple series, keeping a high quality and precision.

At this point, is your presence in exhibitions like the EPHJ or Baselworld important?

I want to say first that there is a difference between brands trade shows and ours (like the EPHJ). Regarding fairs like Baselworld, I think that the distribution or retail system is changing and it is going to be very impactful. Us, we work for brands. We are the “insiders” so we need to be all together in one place (like the EPHJ). At the end of the day, we are or will collaborate somehow. Our market is very local and we strongly defend the Swiss made label.

About the “distribution”, will it be possible to order Vaucher calibers via your website?

Well, why not? But it’s important to not compete with our clients. We can’t be both! A movement Manufacturer and a watch brand. We must know where our place is and our place is to work for the brands. Our job is to provide the best product, in the best time frame and at the best price.

Thank you! Mr. Jean-Daniel Dubois.