Unconventional, Bold, Unique… The H.M (Horological Machine) series is back for
the ninth time! and it does not disappoint, to say the least.

Inspired by the « Golden » era of automotive & aviation designs (which by the way, was a period without computer assistance), the HM9 Flow is an homage to Craftsmanship but not in a traditional way. Most of the time, when the word « craftsmanship » is mentioned, it’s all about finishing / engraving or perhaps engineering.

What MB&F has done with this one is basically to show how they master the « Case » manufacturing. Of course, the movement is also pretty interesting and you probably would say : No big news… But they’re once again pushing the limits and that’s why i love so much the H.M collection line.

From the sapphire parts through the conical gears to the patented rubber seal, the HM9 was clearly a challenge. For instance, the complexity of the upper case is so high that only one out of two production pieces is accepted. It actually means a rate of 50% to throw away! That’s crazy.

Manual winding, the « T » shaped movement is just Superb! No less than two independent balance wheels are regulated by a differential system visible through the central sapphire glass. The timepiece is almost a perfect exercise! but to be honest, i’m still thinking about a power reserve indicator which isn’t present and would have been very useful.

Two versions are available: HM9 “Road” and “Air”. The main difference being their dials (amongst movement aesthetics changes). To me, the HM9 is more an automotive creation (than a aviation related piece) but it’s certainly a matter of taste and i can't deny it's central « turbine » aspect.

Thanks once again! Mr. Büsser for your « selfishness »

Limited Edition 33 pieces each version


Manual winding

Power reserve: 45 hours
Frequency: 18’000 vph
Jewels: 44
Components: 301


Dimensions : 57,00 x 47,00 x 23,00 mm

Material: Titanium Grade-5
Water resistance : 30 meter