In reference to the new collection of timepieces featuring deep-blue galvanised dials, A. Lange & Söhne chose to collaborate with visual artist Sebastian Kite. At the Saatchi Gallery in London, he interpreted the power of the colour blue in an immersive site-specic artwork, entitled “Continuum”.

Intrigued by its almost imperceptible effects, Sebastian Kite and A. Lange & Söhne created Continuum, an ever-evolving installation that acts as a catalyst to our nuanced psychological and emotional experiences with blue. Approaching art with an architectural background, Kite employs light as a sculptural medium in his artistic practice to investigate how immaterial presences can affect our sense of time and space.

In Continuum, two projectors face each other at opposite ends of the 20 metre-long gallery space with a stainless-steel lattice structure of two-way mirrors and screens stationed in-between. As blue light flows out of the projectors, a camera sensor reflects and refracts the ambient light creating a dynamic architectural volume that inhabits the room. Sound emitting from two speakers adds another layer to it, with scores consisting of frequencies of around 610–670 terahertz that correspond with the colour’s wavelengths of 450–495 newton metres.


Every audience member who steps into the space affects how light is absorbed and, in turn, influences the installation’s ethereal energy. Mirroring the infinite sensations that blue evokes, the atmosphere made up of tones and textures is in a constant state of flux. In every moment, the interlacing of visual, sonic and physical elements connected to the colour illuminates a new experience with time.