© F.P. Journe

It was announced around the 15th of September, Chanel acquired 20% of F.P Journe. While for some it meant stability & preservation, others were quite surprised or annoyed, to say the least. Why?

Well, F.P Journe is a person/brand which represents independence with a capital « I » & Sustainability. Even tho the sustainability side of the brand was more visible through the timepieces, to me, the independence flag always had the first role to the public eye.

Now, as the brand has so many aficionados around the globe, the subject became big (maybe too big) and the HQ + Worldwide staff was constantly questioned.

It’s reaching such a point that Mr. Journe himself decided to record a video making a parallel between the history of Ferrari and the announcement.

I did not expect it at all! and i’m glad to see F.P. talking to the community. The video is short but effective and i can only applaud the method.

Thanks F.P Journe to share your point of view.