...Will be reviewed during the week of BASELWORLD 2018 (side event)...

This timepiece that showcases the second Fundamental Invention is today presented with a case made of titanium, a material that reduces the weight of the timepiece and thus ensures greater comfort. Entirely covered with a black ADLC treatment that makes it more resistant to scratches, this timepiece has a powerful visual impact from the very first glance.

Technically, the four tourbillons offer a spectacle of astonishing elegance as they perform an ethereal, perfectly choreographed ballet, connected to a spherical differential, they contribute independently to obtaining a precise and reliable timing rate, especially in stable positions. The spherical differential transmits the average timing rate of the four tourbillons, thus improving the chronometric performance of all the regulating organs. In view of the impressive number of individual elements making up the movement, the case has been sculpted with an asymmetric form. An asymmetry that forms an aesthetic reflection of the asynchronous dynamic of the four tourbillons.

Hand-finishing by Greubel Forsey
For this Timepiece, Greubel Forsey presents a rare view of the barrel-polished tourbillon cage, showing this minuscule piece as a paragon of meticulous work with no hint of even the slightest imperfection.