The founder of Jacob & Co., Jacob Arabo, is inspired by the genius and mystery of nature with the introduction of the brand's new Astronomia model.

Recognized as the most intelligent creatures on Earth, octopuses complete the world of watchmaking with their complex nature, their symmetrical composition and their captivating movements. The Astronomia Octopus model illustrates these natural synergies in a fanciful design, intertwining a hand-carved octopus in the Astronomia Collection's iconic triple axial gravitational tourbillon.

Taking into account both the sophistication of the design and the comfort of the wearer, this delicate octopus carved by hand is made of titanium. The titanium material is perfect to decorate the movement without adding too much weight to the piece (the octopus weighs only 2.83 grams), this material is well known for being difficult to engrave or carve, making the creation even more challenging.

Like an octopus, the sculpture seems completely intertwined with the hand-wound JCAM16 caliber. Its tentacles wrap the Earth, the sun, the time and the triple-axis tourbillon. The central part of the movement is where the octopus is screwed to be able to turn around the dial like all other components. They had (the components) to be modified compared to old Astronomia models to accommodate the new veneered gold sculpture.

First Astronomia model to incorporate a sculpture in the heart of its composition, the Astronomia Octopus is presented as a true work of art enclosed in a new sapphire monobloc case enabling to admire the sculpture and complications from multiple angles. The fully transparent monobloc sapphire case was originally created for the limited edition Astronomia Flawless model. In both models it creates the illusion that the complications inside the timepiece are suspended in the air because the only elements that are not in sapphire are the two crowns on the back allowing the winding and time setting.

It takes 37 weeks to make the sapphire components of the Astronomia Octopus! And each component requires at least twelve different production operations. Not to mention the time needed to engrave the piece and the sculpted octopus, as well as the time needed to assemble movement and meticulously hand-finish all components.

Since its first launch a less than three years ago, Jacob & Co.'s Astronomia Tourbillon model has evolved with the introduction of each new model. By adding a level of complexity, the octopus makes the Astronomia Octopus model a unique piece.