Imagine what it would be like to know when the sun will appear and disappear, anywhere on Earth, thanks to a mechanical watch. Movement developer Krayon presents Everywhere, with a truly unique and ingenious complication that calculates sunrise and sunset times.

On land and at sea, the path of the sun across the sky underpins the notion of time and is even a way to measure its passing. Krayon's engineers nurtured their dream to be able to know sunrise and sunset times at any point on the globe, thanks to a mechanical movement. By making this dream reality, they have achieved something totally unprecedented in watchmaking: a universal mechanical calculator that gives the exact sunrise and sunset times. What's more, this innovative complication is adjusted simply by the crown. The USS calibre, short for Universal Sunrise Sunset, equips the Everywhere watch whose dial transposes to the wrist a fascinating astronomical phenomenon: the movement of the sun across the sky, wherever the wearer of the watch may be.

A truly extraordinary calibre
The concept of the USS calibre is nothing short of exceptional. All 595 components have been designed and manufactured specifically for it, thanks to which Krayon's engineers have succeeded in producing a surprisingly compact movement - given its immense complexity - measuring 6.5mm high. This ingenious calibre is able to combine parameters that give opposing information, such as sunrise and sunset times. It also incorporates an equation of time, a secret function that is not shown on the dial, in order to calculate the different parameters. The USS calibre is fitted with four differentials, 84 gear assemblies and a total of 145 gear parts. Three patents have been filed to protect these inventions. Automatically wound by a white gold micro- rotor, the USS calibre delivers a 72-hour power reserve and beats at a frequency of 3 Hz.

The finishing and decoration of Everywhere are entirely by hand, in keeping with Swiss traditional haute horlogerie techniques. Two versions are proposed, both with a 42mm case size, in pink gold or in white gold, and can be fully personalised on request.

Thanks to an unprecedented complication – universal calculation of sunrise and sunset times -, Everywhere invites you to look skyward and contemplate the movement of the sun, one of the foundations of the notion of time.