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At 5:30 PM on the 17th of October in the Galerie Latham, 22 rue de la Corraterie, Geneva, a cocktail reception will mark the opening of an exposition devoted to the work of Vincent Calabrese.  The exposition will run through the 20th of October and will feature Vincent’s classical collection as well as a number of specially-crafted items.
In addition, Vincent will give a talk, hosted by the Société de Lecture de Genève, 11 Grand-Rue, at 6:30 PM on the 19th of October (with a cocktail reception beginning at 6 PM).  The event will focus on Vincent’s book “Le Temps d’une vie”, an account of his personal life and the history of the Swiss watch industry over more than a half-century.  He will take questions from the press, and there will be time for discussion open to the public.
Vincent has always maintained that art is the expression of our uniqueness as individuals.  Art is perhaps in the final analysis the end in view of every human activity.  This is particularly true in Vincent’s case, given that for nearly 60 years watch-making has been the vehicle of his artistic expression.  His art has been nurtured by his life’s path, by his frustrations and his hundreds of creations.  The chance to display his work, to be heard as an artist even more than as a watchmaker, and above all to visit with you, his guests and friends, is for him a rare pleasure and privilege.  From the 17th to the 20th of October the Galerie Latham and the Société de Lecture de Genève will be affording him this opportunity and he is most eager to welcome you.

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