Roger Dubuis’ daring Japanese debut is to take place in none other than... a garage... at Tokyo’s Cornes Shinonome Service Center II, the city’s number one retailer of luxury supercars.

With its inherent contradiction to all that luxury watchmaking traditionally represents, the industrial feel of the garage offers the perfect “disruptive” setting for a luxury brand with its close ties to the world of motorsports. Here, privileged guests will enjoy a testosterone-driven experience invigorated by Pirelli racing design elements including a dinner next to supercar repair lifts, as well as test drives around this unusual venue.

Pirelli is a pioneer in technical and industrial innovations and is the sole supplier of premium tyres to the world’s flagship motorsports competitions. The “perfect fit” between Pirelli and Roger Dubuis is showcased with four limited-edition Excalibur Spider Pirelli models fitted with straps made from winning motorsports tyre rubber and featuring the distinctive tread profile.

Characterised by privileged exclusivity, rampant virility and shared commitment to provide authentic money-can’t-buy experiences, this great match between the two maisons is rooted in the fact that exclusive service is a must for those who share the same sense of privileged exclusivity and high-octane excitement.

The highlight of the show will be the exclusive reveal of the Excalibur Cobalt Chrome timepieces. Cobalt Chrome Micro-Melt® is an ultra-pure, high-performance metal widely associated with aeronautics and astronomy that represents a first in the watch industry.... It vividly reflects Roger Dubuis’ dedication to the “disruptive materials” that ideally match its progressive complications.