At just 20 years old, the lithe Slav whose beauty is exceeded only by her performance on the track is already shattering expectations. Born in Kiev, Yuliya
trains indefatigably to become the best.

« It has taken me seven years to reach this level, which is both a lot of time and no time at all. Everyone tells me that my progress has been extremely quick. Many female athletes take fifteen years or more to clear over two metres! So far, I’m quite pleased that I have managed to outdo myself at each major international event. I think I must be a born competitor. I love feeling the tension of the big competitions, overcoming my stress and pushing myself to the limit. In my experience, there’s nothing better than the feeling of satisfaction after clearing a height that you’ve never reached before. »

Richard Mille relishes working with such high-performance athletes. His very personal relationship with the brand’s partners, which finds form in watchmaking developments, is reinforced by a shared desire for ever greater performance. The high jump especially requires absolute precision, perfect technique, and a superlative power-to-weight ratio.

« I used to think of watches mostly as fashion accessories » confides Yuliya. « What I like about Richard Mille is the idea of bringing together the “friends of the brand.” it’s like a team. Some are sportspeople, but others are not. There are also artists and actors. I love this vision; it’s almost as if I’ve joined a new family. Everyone knows that sport brings people together and it seems as though Richard Mille does so too. »