Mutaz Essa Barshim is one of the greatest athletes of all time. He clears the bar with such ease, you might think he was dancing in the air, like a bird. It is precisely this synthesis of elegance and performance that drew me to him. The challenge of creating a watch to go higher, ever higher, strapped to the wrist of such an exceptional individual was tremendously motivating. I’ve been working for over fifteen years to push haute horlogerie beyond the niche it had tucked itself into, and open it to new, as yet unexplored or poorly served disciplines. With the high jump, there was a blank slate. Nonetheless the challenge was considerable, because Mutaz has only his body to rely on in his quest for new records. It was thus necessary that the watch truly ‘becomes part of him’, like a second skin. It had to be light and airy, but also comfortable. I drew inspiration from the lightness and elegance of the RM 67-01, then Mutaz and our engineering team in Switzerland perfected the concept. And so was born Mutaz’s RM 67-02.