This watch, featuring an in-house automatic tourbillon movement, embodies the vitality of the brand commitment to the feminine world. The mechanism incorporates a new automatic tourbillon that is slim, ultra-high performance and enhanced with sparkling diamonds, mother-of-pearl, onyx and black sapphires. The ten variations of the RM 71-01 Automatic Tourbillon Talisman weave together the cutting-edge technicity specific to Richard Mille and the unique sculptural qualities of fine art jewellery, highlighting their respective strengths.

« We are known for our incredibly technical, high-performance watches that draw inspiration from the automotive and aeronautics industries, even though women’s watches have represented a considerable percentage of our sales for several years now. That said, we needed a modern, creative and talented young woman to inject new energy into our status quo and take the women’s collection to new heights. It was Cécile Guenat, the daughter of my friend and business partner Dominique, who met this challenge by overcoming technical obstacles, freeing herself from consensus and establishing a unique and resolutely contemporary style »
shared Richard Mille

To understand, one must go back three years to the beginning of this adventure, when Cécile, now Ladies’ Collection Director, was first asked to join the company and design new creations. The challenge proved irresistible for the young woman who earned her spurs in the world of fine jewellery. After graduating from the Geneva School of Art and Design (HEAD), she gained experience with a jeweller in Lausanne, then with a London jewellery designer, where she created collections for a number of Couture houses and branded designs. From initial sketches to the choice of stones, Cécile Guenat demonstrates the meticulous attention to detail that conjures luck by sheer talent and passion.

« My work is the fruit of very different influences. In designing this collection, I drew not only on Art Deco, but on the Tribal arts masks, African sculptures, etc. Whose impact on all great modern and contemporary artists has been enormous. The contrasts, geometry, and sacred character of these objects fascinate me all the more because they prefigured today’s design through the fusion of content and form »
confides Cécile Guenat

The new RM 71-01 Automatic Tourbillon Talisman captures the passage of time in all its myriad facets, a scintillating amulet. True to its name, though by no means foregoing the more mechanistic qualities inseparable from the brand, it serves as a talisman, accompanying the woman who wears its graceful lines through each and every day.

Pictures : ©JeromeBryon + ©PhilippeLOUZON