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Swiss watchmaking brand Romain Vollet presents its partnership with motorcycle collective the Foxy Riders.

Part of a new generation of motorcyclists, the Foxy Riders are a collective composed of 4 women, from different backgrounds and with different paths but with a shared passion inspired by ideals of independence, adventure, community, individuality and, of course, Swiss watchmaking.

"The spirit of independence for me has always been about energy and attitude. You can be forever young, "Forever Young," if you accept life as a gift and take every opportunity, "explains Romain Vollet.

Sharing with the Foxy Riders the same principles of independence, non-conformist attitude and a search for expression in an unconventional way, Romain Vollet found in this group the ideal embodiment of his values.

There is a primitive and positive energy that one feels when riding an open road, having as a company the open sky and the engine’s noise, as Patricia Basilio comments, "Romain Vollet is the perfect symbiosis of my heartbeat (my id), the tic-toc of the watch and the engine of my motorcycle."

Romain Vollet devised his Motor Skull line directed and inspired in the rock music universe and mechanics expressing with it a spirit of freedom and nonconformity. Romain Vollet’s “watches with sophisticated lines that draw us to a dark, rock and motard universe are a deadly combination for me; as a plastic artist, passionate about motorbikes and design! ", says Ana Efe.

Regarding the partnership, Marina Oliveira comments, "I have always been the rebel, the tomboy, the irreverent, who’s not afraid to say what she thinks and to do what other girls do not do, who likes to be daring and at the same time simple. Who likes adrenaline and new experiences. Who likes to wear black, wear tattoos and wear skulls as accessories," and concludes," put it, there is no timepiece that translates my personality better than a Romain Vollet.

"The incorporation of the skull as vanitas or inevitability of death, appears as an authentic symbol of freedom and nonconformity, as Maria Duarte explains, "Romain Vollet reminds me of the importance of living the moment, enjoying every minute and second of my personal journey. The true gift of life lies in being myself and in following a path full of meaning. That, yes, is happiness. "