Romaric André has been working in haute-horlogerie for many years and
has now decided to return to his first loves via the back door.
Who needs permission?

With seconde/seconde/ he is taking on mini icons of culture. "I like to play around with legendary vintage pieces. These are the watches I love. I stay minimal, only altering the watch hands. But the result is radical"

The contrast is arresting to say the least. The aged dials, with half a century of history, are electrified by colourful anachronistic watch hands. Some are nods to pop culture, others more cryptic and offbeat, but all the hands redesigned by seconde/seconde/ say something about the watches they adorn. In this faux-naïf aesthetic, poetry and irony are never far apart.

Working with the very last hands manufacturer in France and surrounded by his fellow "brilliant-yet-grumpy vintage-only watchmakers", Romaric André plans to position seconde/seconde/ as a "workshop fighting the obvious and eager to satisfy a clientèle seeking high-human-value-added products".

"Artisans? Definitely. Artists? That's not for us to say! The bottom line? We quite simply seek to deliver the coolest watches in the world. In doing so, we humbly hope we are adding a
unorthodox-yet-legit piece to the great watchmaking puzzle."