To remind us that life if precious and every minute counts, nearly ten years ago Speake-Marin decided to place a skull on the dial of the Cabinet des Mystères Collection. This year to continue the tradition the Swiss brand launches two extraordinary watches to celebrate its first participation to the SIHH.

Crazy Skulls tells the story of two souls linked through the death by a heart, visible in- between the two skulls. In this heart beat a tourbillon, a new 60-second tourbillon. Calibre launched by Speake-Marin this year.
This dial hides also a minute repeater. When the slider is activated, the minute repeater carillon begins to ring and a mechanism separates the two skulls to reveal the heart of the watch, the tourbillon. But true love doesn’t bear separation and the world falls apart! Precisely, the numerals of the 12 fall apart on our dial and transcribe the despair of the two lovers. Then as the time is sounded by the hammers striking the 3 gongs the heart is reunited and the roman numerals are reconstructed to their former glory.

It is no coincidence if Skulls appeared many years ago in the Speake-Marin Collection. From the beginning, Speake-Marin was fascinated with the subject and developed an affinity with the philosophy Memento mori.
Memento mori is a Medieval Latin theory of reflection of mortality. It reminds us that life is short and that you have to appreciate every moment that we have. We have especially to do our best.