Building on Swatch’s history of blending cosmopolitan styles with Swiss precision watchmaking, the brand announces its much anticipated Fall-Winter 2017 collection. Five design sub-collections link stories of nature, color and glamour into an eclectic selection of contemporary timepieces.

Urban gardening, DIY culture, real food cooking - in today's digitally-driven world there hasn’t ever been a bigger back-to-nature movement. Countryside expresses this call for natural simplicity with floral, animal and country kitchen watch designs.

Time to Swatch sparks joy, cuts through the clutter and brings back the basics of understated elegance, winking cheekily to the universally known Swatch classics.

Big mountains, rich chocolate, delicious cheese, high-precision watchmaking: welcome to Switzerland! Swissness explains visually what the Confoederatio Helvetica is really all about.

In an explosion of energetic design and joie de vivre, Color Studio delivers bold color block styles and iconic Swatch looks.

Big nights on the town, glitter, glamour and shine - this is A Gala Night! Complementing high-class style with brilliant gold and silver colored designs, these elegant models assert their presence under the spotlight.

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