Six patents for an exceptional technological innovation, teamed with
the instinct of a three-dimensional reptile

Six patents have been filed for this exceptional timepiece equipped with a double retrograde armillary tourbillon, derived from the Reference 57260 watch with its 57 complications. High-tech materials such as silicon for the pallet-lever and escape-wheel, as well as aluminium for the tourbillon carriage, further enhance the precision and durability of this timepiece and lend a light touch. The patience of the engraving artisans and their love of fine workmanship are clearly apparent in the engraving work on the snake surrounding the caseband. The Maison’s signature hand finishes have served to craft the model, highlighting the matt and brilliant surfaces punctuating the dial, giving life to the scales of the animal. The art of suggestion is extremely subtle, since the precision of the visible portion enables the observer to imagine the reptile in its entirety.