Les Ambassadeurs, the leading provider of watch and jewellery brands in Switzerland, announces its partnership with WatchBox, the most successful e-commerce platform for buying, selling and trading second hand luxury watches. By doing so, Les Ambassadeurs is expanding its unique range of "certified pre-owned" watches thus breaking new ground in Switzerland.

With this strategic step, Les Ambassadeurs is massively expanding its offerings and opening up a completely new segment for its customers with numerous new attractive and innovative options. In addition to a large selection of popular and certified second hand watches, you can also sell your own watches in one of the Les Ambassadeurs boutiques or use it as a partial payment. All watches are "certified pre-owned" (CPO) and have been tested for authenticity by a specialist. Accordingly, each watch is offered with a 15 month warranty, a service that gives each customer the reassurance they need that they have purchased a high-quality timepiece.

Les Ambassadeurs offers this new service in an exclusive collaboration with WatchBox, the world's leading provider of certified second hand watches. By means of this Swiss premier, Les Ambassadeurs underpins its position as an innovative watch specialist. This partnership, based on trust, transparency and mutual learning, enables, among other things, an "in-store concept" and an extended first-class offer for the customers of Les Ambassadeurs.

Those interested can discover the watches in a special lounge area at Les Ambassadeurs and get advice from specialists. The first lounge will be launched in Zurich on 2 May 2019, and will be extended to the other boutiques within weeks. In a second stage, Les Ambassadeurs will offer a comprehensive range of "CPO" watches through their web shop, greatly increasing their selection.