At the first look, i knew that the Twenty-One was inspired by vintage/classic cars! and it makes totally sense. Not only because the brand sister company is REBELLION RACING but because Motorsport is simply at the core of their world.

I immediately noticed the central part of the timepiece (with 2 arms) and the brand’s logo on its center. I thought : « Oh sure! a vintage steering wheel » and then i said to myself, « The all design is pretty cool ! »
For instance, the font used on the hour ring is also vintage… but let’s start with the dial :

P1040895-1 b.jpg

The big red hand points the minutes and the fixed red line (at 12 o’clock) shows the hour (in this case it’s the « hour ring/component » that moves behind the window) By the way, here you clearly have a vintage car dashboard design!
At 8 o’clock, a GMT (second time zone) indication is present. Always, confortable is you’re traveling or need it for any other personal reasons.


The seconds are also shown on the center dial (or « black zone ») at 4.30 o’clock. The seconds part has the shape of a small steering wheel with 3 arms and is obviously in constant motion as much as the balance wheel running at 4Hz (underneath the letters « HRS », at 12 o’clock).


Self-winding movement, i love its oscillating mass inspired by car rims on the back! Offering a minimum of 42 hours of power reserve, i’m pretty sure that you won’t have to wind it (assuming that you frequently wear it, of course).

Capture d’écran 2017-08-24 à 18.06.53.jpg

The case is quite original! Its shape isn’t common. I’m not saying that you’re in presence of a revolutionary case but for sure something different! and in my opinion, that’s one of REBELLION’s strengths. Available in stainless steel and titanium, there is also a special lugs system that enables you to change the straps pretty easily. (Note: It’s the lug part that you must pull out. Don't use the strap as rocker!).


Talking about the straps, the one that you see on this article is made of rubber with red stitches.
Confortable, i appreciate its design which includes interesting details such as 4 black lines and the brand name + logo (that leaves a temporary « mark » on your skin).


After a week on my wrist, i have to say that the movement is Reliable, Precise and Easy to set. Personally, i'll go with this one : The Stainless steel version because i like "heavy" watches.

At a Surprisingly affordable price of 4’900 CHF, the REBELLION - TWENTY-ONE is the perfect opportunity to get a great Swiss Made GMT watch with a Stunning vintage car design.

Let's ROLL !