The independent brand Armin Strom introduced a new collection called « Masterpiece » and the first creation of this new chapter is the No 1 Dual Time Resonance. A timepiece that includes their famous Resonance patented system and a surprising oval case.

I can definitely see this piece on the tray of watches that usually are presented alone or next to very original « independent beasts » and that’s a good news! I’m of course very curious to see where the collection is going and how the next ones look like but for now, let’s focus on this marvel and break down the dial.

At 12 o’clock you’ll find the resonance clutch spring which allows you to see/appreciate the resonance phenomenon and (according to the brand & the CSEM) helps significantly the movement to be accurate. Two independent movements display two time zones! Each has its own crown and colour. At 6 o’clock, a 24 hours sub-dial basically indicates the day/night and the hand colour shows you which information is related to the right or left time.

The two Power reserve indication are also pretty interesting. Placed at 6 o’clock on both time dials, they are in a mirrored position. It actually means that they’re always at the same level of energy and you just need to turn the watch to understand why.

On the back, there are four barrels and a « differential » in the middle. When you’re winding the movement (with one crown), your action is going to affect all four barrels and visually it is quite a show.

On my wrist, i find it confortable and even if the case is in titanium (thus very light) you know/feel it’s there so to me, yes! a Superb watch.

Well done! Armin Strom.

Limited Edition 8 pieces


Calibre ARF17
Manual winding

Power reserve: 110 hours each movement
Frequency: 25’200 vph
Jewels: 70
Components: 419


Dimensions : 52, 55 x 39,95 x 11,67 mm

Material: Titanium grade 5
Water resistance : 50 meters