(in reference to « this is not a pipe » Rene Magritte)

Three years and four people, that’s what it takes to create a Revolutionary timepiece. Obviously, each member of the project has a tremendous talent but if there is one name to mention, it would be : Dominique Renaud !

Renowned personality in the Watchmaking industry, he is back with a genius idea. Rethink the organ regulation of a mechanical timepiece! That’s the starting point and its name is :
The « Blade resonator »

The principle is basically to replace the balance wheel with the « oscillations » of blades. The escapement (a key segment in a mechanical movement) is also new and the 360° sapphire cylinder will let you appreciate every angle of the creation! It feels so good to discover a piece on which each single component is produced from a white page.


In fact, Dominique Renaud it’s not really a brand. It’s an independent laboratory! They’re not planning to do collections and develop a name as we all know/see. For instance, the logo « Dominique Renaud » only represents the signature of its creator. It’s like a painting. Here, you have an Artistic approach and Mr. Torrigiani (co-founder of Dominique Renaud S.A) did mention that they’re open to share/negotiate their patents & know-how with other brands.

Twelve timepieces will be produced at the price of 1’000’000. It clearly follows the logic of the Art industry and could also be perceived as a financial support for the first couple of deliveries.

The word « Support » is very important because we are talking about a mechanical Revolution! Mr. Renaud did say that the movement will evolve through time until the twelfth final piece. He sees them like functional prototypes with open doors (pretty much everywhere) to innovate! I did chat with the engineer who told me that it’s quite hard to keep up with Dominique’s ideas because he constantly has new ones.

Regarding the specifications, the DR01 has a manual winding mechanism with a natural « dead-beat seconds » and hour/minutes indication. To open the crown, you have to turn it 45° and then you can wind the piece and set the time. For the rest, i’ll update the article as soon as i have the final specs.

It's an honor to witness a Mechanical Revolution!
Big applause to Dominique Renaud and his team. Can’t wait to see what the futur holds for them.

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