EMMANUEL BOUCHET - Complication One


The Complication One is an amazing creation because its movement is filled of complications and deep philosophy.

99% of mechanical watches have a « tic tic tic » sound coming form the regulator organ or more precisely the escapement part. This little component moving quickly next to the balance wheel.

The Complication One shows you (in a way) how an escapement works by showing the component in a larger sclae and making it move very slowly on the front dial! so the principles remains the same but the usage is different.

The front escapement moves every 15 second between the hours (at 8 o’clock) and the minutes (at 4 o’clock). The minutes are shown with 2 hands, the big blue representing the 10th of minutes. At 12 o’clock you have the seconds hand + a day/night indicator on its center.

This is a very unique way to display the time and Mr. Bouchet choose to integrate a lot of sapphire glass inside the dome. We really like the idea to offer transparency and also be able to play with many colors designwise... The genius part remains the "15 seconds Escapement"

This is a smart - unique - different way to communicate on Mechanical timepieces and if we recap: Jumping hours + Retrograde minutes + «15 sec. time escapement» + Day/ Night indicator... All on a Clear - Original and Fun creation.

BRAVO, Mr Bouchet !


Movement EB-1963
Manual winding
Power-reserve: 55 hours

Material: Titanium
Diameter: 44 mm