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Wouldn't it be great to have a watch that shows the correct Sunrise & Sunset wherever you are?
Well, KRAYON did it ! and here we’re talking about a totally new mechanical calibre & complication.

There are a lot of indications on the dial and i can understand that for some people, it could be difficult to « decipher ».
In fact, the idea is simple : Four variables need to be adjusted to get the right sunrise & sunset indication of your location. Let’s break it down.

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The big blue central hand represents the minutes.
The blue arrow (above the transparent sunrise & sunset circular window) shows the hour. The hours are shown over a 24 hour display, meaning one full turn per day.

Then you need to adjust the 4 variables present in the half right side of the dial :

- 1st the Date (subdial at 6 o’clock)
- 2nd the Latitude (half left on the dial)
- 3rd the Longitude (subdial at 12 o’clock)
- 4th the UTC (subdial at 12 o’clock)

During the setting you’ll see some « Magic » as the sunrise & sunset discs are going to move and it’s simply Marvelous! The idea and execution is Stunning. By the way, the mechanism takes also into account the equation of time.

If it wasn’t enough, the open back offers the best in terms of finishing and a Superb view over the calibre USS (Universal Sunrise Sunset).

A custom version, the « Everywhere Horizon » was introduced during the summer 2018. With none less than 94 baguette diamonds and a superb hand engraved case, Krayon is showing how the word « Craftsmanship » is important. Of course, the request came first by the collector but i’m glad to see that KRAYON can offer additional "features" to someone. The black dial and night parts (of the sunrise/sunset indication) give a fresh new look to the front. To me, the contrast is way better and it helps for the reading/setting.

595 components (85 jewels included), 4 differentials, a 22K Gold Micro rotor and 72 hours of power reserve.

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An Amazing achievement knowing that it comes from an independent engineering studio. KRAYON is not a brand (or not yet), M. Rémi Maillat (co-founder of KRAYON) sees the timepiece as a one shot and even if he has few other ideas, he isn’t planning to produce any other creation. Time will tell !

Congratulations! KRAYON.


Calibre USS
Self winding
Power reserve: 72 hours
Frequency: 21’600 vph
Jewels : 85
Components: 595
4 differentials

Diameter: 42,00mm
Material: White Gold
Water resistance : 30 meters