Singer Reimagined is back with a new creation and this time, there is a little « Twist »

In short, the timepiece offers a 60 seconds Flyback chronograph but let’s first talk about how to read time on this beauty.

The white triangle (on the outer ring) is the hour indicator and the central black & orange hand shows the minutes.
The central thin orange hand represents the seconds and uses the same scale as the minutes.
To set the time, it’s simple, use the crown at 4 o’clock.
Nothing too crazy at this point…

Now, you need to know that the hour and minutes run independently or separately from the seconds so once you set the hour and minutes you’re free to « play » with the seconds.

By pushing the button at 2 o’clock, the seconds hand will jump back to zero (or 60 on the scale) and wait the release. By removing the pressure of your finger on the button, the seconds hand will start to run.

It means two things :
1. You can adjust your local time precisely to the second.
2. You can play with the seconds hand (up to 59 seconds) to measure anything and thanks to a single push directly re-start a measurement. A Flyback function.

Important: If you set the seconds to your local time and at some point start a measurement, the hand won’t go back to its correct local seconds position so there isn’t any sort of memory mechanism/system. No electronics, only mechanical parts inside the Flytrack Concept calibre. That explains why the hour and minutes are running independently.

I actually like the concept and even if it’s a niche product, it totally fits the brand and its universe. For a 2nd creation, Singer Reimagined is going quite strong so Bravo!!

Description :

Manual winding
Power reserve: 52 hours
Frequency: 21’600 vph
Jewels: 32
Components: 300


Diameter : 43,00 mm

Material: Titanium Grade 5
Water resistance : 100 meters