C3H5N3O9 (Nitro) - ZR012


C3H5N3O9 is the molecular formula for nitroglycerine and a horological experiment.
This very exclusive concept gave birth to the ZR012 and the timepiece is Amazing! In our opinion, Felix Baumgartner & Maximilian Büsser are at the origin of a wonderful (if not the best) collaboration between two Independent Watch Brands.

The ZR012 is inspired by the Wankel engine. Two triangular-shaped rotors or Reuleaux polygon rotors are indicating the time. On the dial, the lower one indicates the hour and the upper one the minutes. Small red lines are helping to track exactly the indications but the main specificity of the timepiece is its motion as the triangular-shaped rotors are moving like epitrochoid curves.

The mechanical movement is Pure pleasure. We instantaneously recognized the URWERK input on the creation. A power reserve indicatior is present on the back and we can’t imagine how difficult the assembly and adjustments are on this one.

Aesthetically MB&F did a Marvellous job! From the case to the buckle, everything is well executed. Light - Very confortable (thanks to the lugs) - Unique, the ZR012 is a Great achievement! Hopefully the future holds more creations… because we can’t wait to see them.

Our Hats off! C3H5N3O9.

Limited Edition 12 pieces in Zirconium + 12 pieces in Black Zirconium


Manual winding
Power reserve: 39 hours
Frequency: 28’800 vhp
Jewels: 42
Components: 328

Dimensions: 59mm long x 44mm wide x 17mm high
Material: Zirconium Case and Titanium Lugs
Water resistance: 30 meters

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