Launched at the brand new Swatch HQ in Bienne (Switzerland), the Flymagic watches
have something very special : A NIVACHRON Hairspring

The Hairspring is the key component inside the balance wheel or « heart ». Curved and thin like a hair, the component is quite complicated to produce and affected by external manifestations. Shocks, temperature, magnetism, all those factors can modify its performance thus the precision of the watch. The component has always been a strategic element in the Watchmaking industry and those who could ensure its production were considered « safe » players or true « independent ». Let’s say if the primary resources of your town (electricity or water) was/is a private business, you want strategically to be one of the very few suppliers. In this video (here), Mr. Nick Hayek is talking about his father and how important it was, at the time to save Nivarox and their know-hows in hairsprings.

Not only the Swatch Group produces hairsprings but they’re the number one (in Switzerland) in terms of volumes!

The Nivachron hairspring is made of a new titanium alloy which has properties paramagnetic, resistant to temperature variations and shocks. Planned to be mass produced, the hairspring is going to be integrated in all next-gen Sistem51.

This Flymagic limited edition represents the beginning of a new era, that’s why only 1’500 pieces were produced (1’500 pieces in the context of a Swatch production is nothing).

The price is around 1’500 CHF and all three models have a stainless steel case.

The movement is actually a Sistem51 reversed with an open barrel at 6 o’clock, the Nivachron hairspring at 10 o’clock, a Central Hour/Minutes hands and a small seconds fancy form rotating counter clockwise at 12 o’clock. The oscillating weight (in black, on this version) is on the dial side (above the hour indications) and you’ll probably play with it. For some, it can even be « addictive »

So far, i believe all the lights are green for an amazing evolution of the Sistem51.

My two remarks would be about :

- The thickness of the case. In my opinion/taste, this one is too thick even tho totally wearable
- I hope the future non-limited versions will be affordable, keeping this nice « mechanical » dial aesthetics which i find just Superb

Three models, each limited to 500 pieces


Calibre Sistem51 reversed (51+15 components)
Self winding

Power reserve: 90 hours
Frequency: 3Hz
Jewels: 19


Dimensions : 45,00 mm

Material: Stainless Steel (PVD treatment)
Water resistance : 30 meters