The objective of this review is not to go through every innovation and explain them all in detail…
What we want to tell you is that ULYSSE NARDIN introduced at the SIHH 2017 a Major Concept Watch with so much innovations that we were speechless. They kept the secret very well (with good reasons) as the brand will use for sure some of them in their future calibers.

Almost all segments of a mechanical movement was re-invented! (Escapement, Self winding mechanism, Time indication, balance wheel…) New engineering & material integration, a treasure for Mechanical Lovers.

Historically, Ulysse Nardin was the first watch manufacturer to use thermally stabilized silicium, the state-of-the-art of production technologies. On this one, they really pushed the concept further with an amazing aesthetic! Of course the spirit of the « FREAK » is there but the creation is completely different. One example : The Minute hand is in three-dimensional Glass !

Its new Escapement deliver just the right amont of energy for an effective distribution and the Grinder Self-Winding mechanism is just incredible! Basically it’s a new way to make sure that the slightest mouvement of your wrist will go through the mechanism and winds up the caliber. A second possibility is also offered by turning the rear bezel manually.

The huge glass « Sword » indicates the minutes and behind it a component made of two triangles points the hour. Regarding the time setting, you have to unlock the component/lever on which « Innovision » is engraved and move the bezel.

Here are the 10 Innovations :

No 1 = Dual Constant Escapement
No 2 = Direct Silicium Bonding
No 3 = Silicium Balance Wheel, Gold Elements, Stabilizing Micro Paddles
No 4 = Grinder, A Self-Winding Mechanism
No 5 = Sapphire-Coated Silicium Bridge
No 6 = 24-Karat Hard Gold Wheels
No 7 = Glass Bridge With Integrated Shock Protection For The Balance Wheel
No 8 = Super-Luminova Effects On Glass Balance Wheel Bridge
No 9 = Eye-Catching Time Display Divided Into 1-11 and 13-23
No 10 = Three-Dimensional Glass Minute Hands

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Breathtaking, Bravo! Ulysse nardin.

No Technical specifications : Concept timepiece

apUlysse Nardin, INNOVISION 2