One thing is for sure, the VOUTILAINEN brand will always take the time to produce exceptional timepieces… and the "Jewelry Piece" is a great exemple.

It is quite interesting to notice a sort of duality between the front and the side of the case.

The front is clear, calculated, readable and the combination of all colors ends up very well. You get directly the concept and the bezel section extends itself to the horns.
The horns are stunning! The rubies are cut & assembled in an original way. Nine of them are used (per horn) and we really love the aesthetic.

The side is even better in our opinion, as Kari Voutilainen achieved the integration of many little stones as a natural rock wall! It feels like you're in the nature looking at a piece of cut stone.

We felt great emotions through this wonderful Jewelry timepiece and if you have the opportunity to discover the creation, we definitely recommend it.


Description :

Manual winding
Power-reserve: 65 hours
Frequency: 18’000 vph

Case Materials:
Bezel - 58 rubies baguettes
Horns - 36 rubies baguettes
Crown - 1 ruby
Side Case - 131 rubies + orange sapphire + yellow sapphire
Dial - 84 diamonds + 12 corundum as hour indicators
Buckle - 100 rubies + orange sapphire + yellow sapphire