SSC - Despite 500 years, Can the Watchmaking industry still innovate ?

Geneva, Switzerland
23rd of May 2018

The Société Suisse de Chronométrie organized a morning filled with interesting interventions for lovers of the Watch industry. A gathering of professionals in Geneva around the theme :

The first speaker was Mr. DAVID BOREL of CENTREDOC. He explained that the industry continues to innovate endlessly.

He notices it by the increasing registration of patents. Research and development is a key element to continue to innovate and I would even say to exist in our competitive world. He also explained that « Patents » is a business on its own and the sector is attacked by « Patent Trolls » companies whose only purpose is to gain profit from lucrative sectors.


Then Mr. THOMAS MERCIER of LVMH did a brilliant presentation about the new Zenith oscillator.

Introduced for the first time in a mechanical watch (the Defy Lab), this new component replaces the balance wheel and vibrates at a frequency of 108'000 vph!
A lot of questions were expected as most of the audience are members of Watch brands and thus wanted to know more about this groundbreaking innovation.


Mr. ERIC GIROUD has shown that « Innovation » is also about Design.

Thanks to his huge experience and numerous collaborations with recognized brands, he explained his philosophy and how he approaches an idea. For example, he likes to say that his work is to "tame the void". He knows perfectly how to design a project in order to create a timepiece or even other products as he is also active in other industries.

Finally, Mr. PASCAL KRAMER demonstrated the importance of a coherent and thoughtful marketing strategy.

To innovate is great! but it is also important to communicate the right way. With few examples like the famous Nespresso case, his presentation was pretty relevant. To me, this presentation was certainly the most "open" because there is no right or wrong. The idea is basically to be coherent in your actions.


Once again, SSC days (or morning in this case) were very interesting and
i can’t wait to see what’s next! Congratulations.