ZENITH - The Manufacture open for the public

Neuchâtel Tourism chose Zenith to illustrate its original project dedicated to promoting the Swiss watch industry. An open invitation to explore the universe of the brand with the guiding star, “LE MONDE ÉTOILÉ DE ZENITH” features an original and fascinating journey through the Manufacture.

In seeking to promote the reputation of the region’s rich watchmaking heritage, Neuchâtel Tourism constantly develops its range of related activities designed to satisfy visitors eager for exceptional experiences, and its Director Yann Engel explained:

“This partnership with the Zenith watch Manufacture was a natural and obvious choice that finds its ultimate expression in the visit we call “LE MONDE ÉTOILÉ DE ZENITH”. It is an invitation to explore the watchmaking universe in a dynamic, contemporary and entertaining spirit.”

Zenith’s CEO Julien Tornare enthused:

“It’s a real honour for Zenith to have been selected among all the other Manufactures in the region for this project that really galvanised the teams. ‘Le Monde Étoilé´ will give everyone an opportunity to enjoy a unique experience and to understand how our timepieces work, while plunging into the heart of our history.”

Specially created for the general public by the museography specialists at Thematis, this first guided tour of a prestigious watch Manufacture offers an authentic initiatory journey to the heart of the mechanical watch and its mysteries. Entirely in tune with the current ever-greater enthusiasm for authenticity and fine craftsmanship, this unusual scenography offers an exceptional 360° experience revealing the inner workings of a Maison uniting around 80 watchmaking professions under its roof. The first part of the exhibition consists in a total immersion into the world of precision, plunging visitors into darkness and staging a lively hologram show, along with a contemporary stage-setting highlighting certain key heritage elements.

Throughout this exclusive and unique route that visitors are invited to explore each Friday, they will also become acquainted with each stage in the creation of mechanical marvels – from technical development to component production through to movement assembly – admirably combining noble watchmaking traditions with avant-garde innovations.

Practical details
By prior reservation only
Weekly visiting day: every Friday at 9am
Length: 3 hours
Price: CHF 40 per person
Bookings must be made with Explore Swiss Watchmaking, Espacité 1, 2302 La Chaux-de-Fonds, T. +41 32 889 68 82, info@explorewatch.swiss, www.explorewatch.swiss
Number of visitors: 1 to 8
Languages: French (German, English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish)
Minimum age: 14
Address: Rue des Billodes 34 – 2400 Le Locle